Letter to the Editor

Was Constable Moyo alone?

Dear editor,
I WAS appalled to see from a video circulating on social media how the female traffic officer who was hit by a minibus driver over the weekend was hurled on to the back of a small truck.
Surely, was there no better means to take her to the hospital? I expect the police to have an ambulance they use in such emergencies.
The other question that begs an answer is, “where were the other traffic officers when Constable Majory Moyo was hit by the bus? The video does not show any police officer among the kind members of the public who hurled her onto the truck to take her to hospital.
The practice I have seen is that traffic officers move in groups and I am sure their presence would have helped get her to hospital quickly.
I wish to commend the members of the public who helped her but in my view, they should have been quick to assist.
There was hesitancy before they made up their mind to put her on the back of the vehicle.

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