Consinder edible oil tarrifs

THE Private Sector Development Association (PSDA) has advised Government to use tariffs instead of imposing a ban on importation of edible oils.
PSDA chairperson Yusuf Dodia called for a more ‘liberalised’ way of managing the sector by hiking tax importation of the oils than imposing an outright ban.
“In any sector where Government is trying to discourage the importation of products that can be manufactured locally, it is better for it to hike the importation tariffs – this way you give the consumer a choice,” Mr Dodia said in an interview on Thursday.
He said there is need to relook at the current ban on the importation of edible oils to achieve the intended purpose of inspiring growth in the sector.
“Government must look into this matter in quite some depth for it to realise its purpose of growing the economy, expanding business capabilities and harnessing local capacity in the country.

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