Letter to the Editor

Congratulations George, Fighton, Chipolopolo and FAZ


Dear editor,
We may be seen to have struggled in the recent past. But who says life is a straight line graph? We have seen good times together and in this rebuilding phase we ought to stick to one another. I am not a man who practices hate. Football is about love and togetherness.
We have a new caretaker coach who is trying to put his own pieces of this puzzle together. The best we can do is give George all the material, physical and spiritual support he needs. The problem is that we have already judged George for being our own.
A small mistake he makes in the process of building this tower called Chipolopolo is being blown in unacceptable proportions. To build any building there must be a casualty or two. But we still forge ahead and complete our building.
I would like to congratulate and thank all the Zambian fans and supporters who, despite us carrying a 1-2 deficit, still had faith and trooped to Nkoloma stadium to play their role as the 12th player and gave the nation a victory to move on.
What is a team in football?
The wrong notion is that the team is the selected starting 11 and seven substitutes. a team in football includes players, coaches, medics, logistics managers, FAZ, sponsors, supporters, grounds men, ball boys, drivers.
Right now we are pointing guns at one another because we are always looking at what the mistake in the other is and not the strength.
For once can we try to appreciate each other’s roles in this tower building. When a white man comes in we withdraw our guns, bombs, rocket launchers and point them with rusty knives while praising even the inadequacies.
The moment our own comes in, all sophiscated weapons are drawn and shot at him. I am not against any foreign coach being employed.
Moreover, we learn from one another. But this spirit of hating and not appreciating our own must die.
The question is, “what have I contributed to the building of this tower?
It is not what Zambia will give you but what you will give to Zambia.
Once more thank you to all of you my fellow Zambians for the victory. There is no small team now in football. The size of the team in football is now determined by how united and well equiped you are in terms of planning, preparations, execution of programs and progression. Are we united?
God bless Zambia
WEDSON NYIRENDA, Beira, Mozambique

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