Comply with standards, producers urged

THE Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) has urged local manufacturers, food processors and other entreprises to ensure that products that they produce and put on the market are analysed and tested using recognised laboratories to ensure compliance to set standards.
ZABS head of marketing and public relations Hazel Zulu said the call is aimed promoting public safety and health and to avoid subjecting consumers to substandard products that may be harmful.
In a statement issued on Friday, Ms Zulu said products that conform to standards will help companies to gain competitive advantage and promote customer loyalty.
In the last quarter of 2015, ZABS has tested and analysed 6,051 product using its testing laboratories including the mobile laboratory stationed in Eastern Province to ascertain levels of compliance to set standards.
Ms Zulu said among the largest number of samples tested were petroleum samples, fruit-flavoured drinks and water samples.
Other products included mealie-meal, cooking oil, peanut butter, stock feeds and biscuits.
She, however, noted that the compliance levels are improving as more companies are becoming aware of the critical need to have their products checked for compliance.
ZABS has modern testing aboratories for analysing products to national and international standards as well as client specifications. Products tested include foodstuffs, water, beverages and detergents. Others are fertilisers, paints and condoms to name but a few.

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