Comedian K Star get serious with music


COMEDIAN and musician K Star who recently released Nga Balya, a song that took over the airwaves, says he is working on his first solo album that will be released this year.The yet-to-be titled album will come after Unfair Advantage, an album he released in 2016 under 2wo 1ne, a trio musical group comprising K Star, Krytic and Xsiq.
K Star told the Weekend Mail that apart from his usual comedy acts, he has worked on four songs for his first solo album.
The album will feature his hit songs like Chi Gelo, Nipeleke, Nga Balya and Dizz Na Nzelu. The songs where produced by Mixtizo Lim and Cashroll
“I have been working in the background for this upcoming album and I have put in so much because it is my first solo album. Am still currently working on other songs that my fans should look out for,” K Star, who is also a poet said.
He shared that the album will have songs that will bring out his sense of humour, the rap side of him in different music genres, and featuring a variety of artistes.
“When you listen to my songs, most of them bring out life teachings in a comical way, they also appreciate women and I actually appreciate our local radio stations for playing them,” he said.
“I have been currently working on growing my comedy skills, but now, I want to bring out something fresh for my fans in terms of music by dropping an album,” he said.
Born Daniel Lyapa, K Star who is a multi-talented artiste came on the music scene with his comical song, Vitumbuwa, that was released under 2wo 1ne in 2012.
He is probably popularly celebrated for poetry pieces like Foolish me, which he produced under Bittersweet Poetry and the common phrase, “Tilowa”, which he repeats in his comedy videos with his counterpart Kapembwa Wanjilani.

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