Collum mine commits to CSR

COLLUM Coal Mine general manager Xu Jiang Xue.

COLLUM Coal Mine general manager Xu Jiang Xue says his company will venture into an elaborate corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme to empower people in Sinazongwe.
This is in addition to the core business of investing in infrastructure development, renovations and exploration in the next four years.
Mr Xu said the mine will work with residents in identifying projects that the mine can do for them in its CSR programme.
“The handover of the coal mine by Government back to us is a great and positive development for the people of Sinazongwe and Zambia as a whole.
“The importance of this is that there will be more job creation and ultimately poverty alleviation not only in this part of Zambia but in the country as a whole,” he said.
Currently the mine is building classrooms at a local school as part of its CSR programme in education.
Mr Xu said the mine will continue implementing the CSR programmes and that residents will see more education and health facilities being improved.

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