Coach picks positives after judoka’s elimination

SHAPA Wakunguma.

SHAPA Wakunguma was right after all. Steven Mung’andu is not yet ripe for a medal at the Olympics and it was unfair to expect much from him. Judoka Mung’andu became the first Zambian athlete to be eliminated from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games after losing to Adrian Gomboc of Slovenia yesterday in the 66kg category. Mung’andu put up a fair performance but he still lost after being penalised. The France-based Zambian put up a good performance in the early stages of the fight and looked like he would go all the way, but the Slovenian was tactically superior and forced Mung’andu to suffer some penalties, which saw him lose the fight. Despite his elimination, Mung’andu, who lost because of penalties, was among the best performing Africans as he never lost on Nippon. His coach Moola Lipimile was not happy with the outcome but picked some positives from the defeat. Lipimile was consoled by the fact that even judokas that are ranked above Mung’andu in Africa did not endure the competition as the Zambian did. He said in an interview that Mung’andu showed some improvement by not losing on Nippon, unlike his other African colleagues. He however thinks that his judoka needs to improve on tactics because CLICK TO READ MORE

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