Letter to the Editor

Closed filling station next to Mulungushi International Conference Centre too dirty

Dear editor,
I AM deeply concerned by the accumulating litter on the space between Mulungushi International Conference Centre and the recently closed filling station and Autoforce workshop opposite Arcades.

For crying out loud this is a prime area which needs special attention.
From the time the filling station closed it is like no one has obligation to keep the area clean. The accumulating litter is creating a bad picture of Arcades located in front, Mulungushi International Conference Centre on the left and Radisson Blu on the right.
Moreover, this space is on the Great East Road which is used by many including dignitaries from other countries.
I am appealing to the local authorities to move in and ensure that this place does not turn into a dumpsite. Let us save the face of this beautiful part of the city.

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