Clean up or else, minister directs councils

SOUTHERN Province Minister Edify Hamukale.

IN AN effort to uphold the ‘Make Zambia Clean Campaign’, Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale has directed councils and business entities in the province to ensure they have bins positioned in public places and streets by mid-October.

The provincial minister has also banned the digging of rubbish pits near houses and directed that each household acquires a refuse bin to ease garbage collection by the local authorities.
He says the directive is in line with government policy to ensure a clean and healthy Zambia.
Dr Hamukale, who recently wrote to all radio stations in the province to communicate to the public the directive said he is concerned about the level of carelessness and irresponsible manner in which people dispose both solid and liquid waste in most parts of the province.
He said that given the health hazards that waste poses to humans and the environment, it has become increasingly necessary to act at both community and household level in order to improve hygiene and orderliness of towns in the province.
“Government spent a lot of money in constructing water drainages and waste disposal facilities so that we can live in clean and healthy surroundings and hand over a culture of responsible waste management disposal to the young generations,” he said.
He said drainages were getting blocked in the rainy season, resulting in water stagnation which in turn causes waterborne diseases.
“I am directing all mayors, council chairmen and members of Parliament to sensitise their electorates through radio programmes, meetings, churches and markets to explain the importance of hygiene and taking a preventative approach to diseases,” he said.
He said the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) and the Zambia Police traffic officers should fine all bus operators who have no rubbish bins on their busses.
Dr Hamukale has also warned traders whose shops are not painted that they risk being closed down.
He has warned of disciplinary action against council officials that will not comply with the directive.

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