Civil servants given relief


WITH the debt swap initiative resulting in tears on Wednesday, the Public Service Management Division (PSMD) has offered some relief to the affected civil servants. PSMD, which is based at Cabinet Office and was the lead negotiator with the unions and financial institutions when agreeing to the debt swap, has suspended the recoveries. This decision was made after an emergency meeting between PSMD and public sector unions.PSMD Acting Permanent Secretary Peggy Chirwa said all monies deducted from the employees will be refunded before November salaries are processed. “Following concerns from public service employees on the recovery of monies advanced to them in July and August 2021 as part of the debt swap implementation process, it has been agreed between Government and the unions to suspend the recoveries,” Ms Chirwa said in a statement. Government and the unions have also agreed to continue discussing the debt swap scheme as agreed in the collective agreements. “To this effect, all public sector employees are urged to remain calm and continue executing their duties as the matter is receiving due attention,” Ms Chirwa said. After civil servants discovered deductions on their payslips on Wednesday, there was a blame game, with the workers blaming their union leaders, who in turn were also directing the blame to the previous regime saying they were misled. Civil servants who initially benefited from the debt swap were shocked to discover double deductions on their payslips after they started  CLICK TO READ MORE

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