Church is here with ‘Pye Pye’


GOSPEL singer, producer and songwriter Trudon Shinkombwe aka Church, who has been in the background working as vocal and mastering engineer, last week released a single titled Pye Pye.

Church, who has been in the music industry since 2013, has had the opportunity to mix and master Abel Chungu’s song Isenge which features Chef 187, Slap D’s Niyokosa Kendulo and Jay Rox’s Joanna.
He also worked with Pompi on the Broken English album as well as writing and producing Roberto’s song Find My Way, which is on his Superstar album.
Church is currently working for an audio production company called Radio Cafe under Ian Chitundu and Magnus Mando, who is better known as Mag44.
“As part of my job, I’ve produced Jay Rox’s ‘Confusion’ also his song ‘Cake’, I produced Esther Chungu’s first two singles and many others,” says Church, whose latest single is the first after his Mixtape which he released in 2015.
“The title of my new song is called ‘Pye Pye’ and it features Jesse of Le Diplomatique, Tim (formerly known as Thugga), Pompi and Solomon Plate.
“The song speaks about being a fire truck and extinguishing fire with God’s word. In simple terms, we’re chosen by God to put down anything that can bring destruction to God’s people.”
Church says the single might be on the album that he is currently working on depending on the direction he will choose to take.
But there is more to Church.
“To extend my knowledge and talent, I have started a talent development initiative called Team Ulukuta which focuses on training as well as discovering talent namely singing, rapping and producing,” he says.
“My goal is to help young artists achieve their dream and passion and also to make them understand that you are never too young to work towards your dreams. In as much as I am also working on myself I would like to see more talent for the future generation.”

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