Christmas celebration

DO you intend to celebrate Christmas? If the answer is yes, how do you intend to celebrate it?
Christmas is one of the days celebrated with misplaced emphases that are far from its intent.
Like many other days of celebration, sometimes, it is wrongly associated with uncalled- for excitement that results into involvement in all kinds of vices and road carnages.
Christmas is a day when we should celebrate Christ’s selfless offer for the salvation of the lost humanity.
The gospel story begins with the birth of Christ because it shows God’s commitment to redeem mankind from sin.
Christmas, therefore, is a day when we celebrate Jesus Christ, his nature, love and involvement in the life of creation. The celebration revolves around Christ’s event and the purpose of his birth.
In Matthew 1:21 when an angel appeared to Joseph, Mary’s fiancé, he revealed the reason Jesus will be born as it is written: “She (Mary) will give birth to a son and you are to give him the name Jesus because he will save his people from their sins.”
The quotation entails that the purpose of Christ’s birth is in the name Jesus, which means Saviour.
It further declares that the purpose of Jesus’ birth is to save people from their sins. The purpose shows that God, through Jesus Christ, is willing to meet us at the point of our shortcomings, caused by sin.
Since the celebration of Christmas revolves around Jesus Christ and the reason for his birth, it is time for deep reflection on our lives to see how we have responded to God’s deep expression of love, through his passionate desire to save mankind from sin.
Some people think Christmas is time to engage in or perpetrate sin.
On the contrary, Christmas celebration should go hand in hand with critical self-examination and confession of sins so that we align ourselves with the salvation God gave us in Christ Jesus.
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