Chotizo in love with Susanna, Zed Girls


AFRO pop singer and songwriter Chotizo (Francis Chota Chewe), known for his song “Sugar Mummy,” has released two new singles titled “Susanna” and “Zed Girls”.

The song Susanna features Papa Tony and Leo Muntu, while “Zed Girls” features Dre.
The two songs, produced at Silent Erazer Studios, are already receiving airplay on a number of local radio stations.
It has been a slow build-up for Chotizo, maybe due to work commitments at this newspaper where he is a sub-editor.
Nonetheless, he has been working in the background and certainly knows the right kind of material to churn out.
“After I released my songs ‘Tooth Pick’ and ‘Sugar Mummy’ at Danger Zone studios in Chingola, I went quiet because I wanted to make sure I came up with good music that my fans will be able to appreciate,” he told the Weekend Mail in an interview.
Chotizo, who wrote both songs, said the message in the songs is meant to appreciate Zambian women because every man needs a woman in their lives and that everyone comes from a strong woman.
Though not yet married, he says that it is important to appreciate and respect Zambian women because they are beautiful and represent the African continent very well.
“Women make homes, they take care of children, they control homes, and I think it is very important to appreciate them,” he said matter-of-factly.
The next step for Chotizo is to put the songs on video before the year ends. He urged fans to look out for them and indeed the best of him.
“I am going to put the songs on visual so that people should have a glimpse of what ‘Susanna’ and ‘Zed Girls’ are all about,” he said.
“I would like to thank all my fans, my producer and family for the wonderful support that they have given me so far,” he said.

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