Letter to the Editor

Choma roads in deplorable state

Dear editor,
OUR roads in Choma are in a deplorable state. The road leading to Choma West is not only a danger in view of possible accidents, but is also a health hazard to the residents there because of the dust that is emitted during the flow of traffic.

Due to infections caused by dust, residents are now spending more on medications.
So please, let the contractor start the construction process soon to save the people from the health hazards.
I know that funds have been disbursed to carry out the works; so let there be no roadblocks in the process. Let not retrogressive politics among local authorities become such roadblocks.
Choma has a lot of leaders who are in the opposition, who do not seem to prioritise development for fear that if Choma develops, it may be won over by the ruling PF.
It is retrogressive to think like that. This is a provincial capital which needs infrastructure development to match its status.

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