Choma gets 24 Zambian/UK youth volunteers

TWENTY-FOUR youth volunteers from the United Kingdom (UK) and Zambia have been dispatched in various institutions in Choma where they will offer, among other services, sexual reproduction health education (SRH).
The voluntary work is courtesy of the Service International Citizen Service (ICS), a UK government funded programme under the voluntary services oversees (VSO), a leading global volunteering programme for young people who want to do voluntary development work abroad.
Speaking in Choma on Tuesday when unveiling the youths, Youth Development Organisation (YDO) executive director Partner Siabutuba said his organisation, which is hosting the ICS programme, wants youths to be equipped with SRH information which can prevent them from engaging in sexual risky behaviour.
“The more youths know about SRH, the more knowledgeable they become on how to protect themselves from sexual risky behaviour,” Mr Siabutuba said.
He also regretted the absence of social amenities for the youth in Choma, a predicament he said has capacity to perpetuate juvenile delinquency and sexual risky behaviour which can in turn lead to high HIV infection rates.
“We have to keep these youths busy or else they will rise against us,” he said.
And Mr Siabutuba said the volunteers will be operating from Planned Parenthood Association of Zambia, YDO, Network of Persons Living With Aids offices and clinics.
Earlier, VSO project coordinator Duncan Mbewe said the aim of the ICS programme is to recruit and train 1400 volunteers worldwide.
Mr Mbewe said VSO wants to offer volunteers a chance to contribute to poverty reduction using various strategies also aimed at making a positive change in their community.
At the same event, Southern Province youth development coordinator Hezron Mukonka said Government will remain committed to improving the welfare of youths through provision of youth development fund.
He said Government will continue to work with civil society groups that are dedicated to improving the welfare of youths.

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