Choma DC commends museum

GOVERNMENT has commended Choma Museum and Crafts Centre (CMCC) for providing the community with a platform to showcase their talent and artistic skills.
Choma district commissioner Sheena Muleya said Government is also impressed that CMCC has continued to implement programmes aimed at preserving the country’s cultural heritage and empowering artistes despite the financial challenges it is facing.
Ms Muleya said this on Friday in a speech read for her by Choma district administrative officer Vincent Sikanyela during the launch of an art exhibition dubbed: ‘Every face tells a story’.
“Let me give gratitude to CMCC for the great work and support that they give to our local community by providing them a platform for them to expose and share their talent in art like this exhibition today.
“I am also aware that despite its financial challenges, because of its passion, the museum is involved in activities aimed at preserving cultural heritage and economic empowerment of artistes,” Ms Muleya said.
She reiterated Government’s commitment to supporting institutions like CMCC that promote cultural heritage because culture plays a pivotal role in the development agenda of every nation.
“We know that art can bring economic empowerment to artists once it gets support,” Ms Muleya said.
On the exhibition, said Ms Muleya said she is proud that the beautiful and educative expressions were done by a local artists.
And CMCC board chairperson Baker Chakwana said the: “Every face tells a story” exhibition is part of the museum’s programme called Balengi aimed at giving a platform to local artists to expose their talent.
Earlier, Mr Lishandu, who presented a portrait of President Lungu to Mr Sikanyela, said his art works are a story of “who we are, what we go through or what nature makes us to be.”

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