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Chiwempala man buries salary every month

THE Chingola Local Court has heard how a man of Chiwempala buries his salary inside his house or within the yard and beats his wife when she inquires about it.
Febby Katuta, 26, of Chiwempala township told the court that her husband Sunga Nyeleti digs a hole in the house or in their yard where he buries his money to prevent her from getting it.
Katuta told the court that Nyeleti gives her a K5 to buy food at home and beats her when she buys vegetables.
Katuta was testifying in a case where she sued Nyeleti for divorce.
The couple got married in 2011 and have two children together, and K40 bride price was paid.
Katuta, who was testifying before senior local court magistrate Douglas Kakunta, sitting with Merit Bwalya, said that she wants to divorce her husband and go back to school.
“I want the court to end this marriage. One day, he gave me a K5 to buy food at home, when I bought vegetables, he threw the meal away and beat me up. I ran to our neighbour’s house for safety, “she said.
Katuta told the court that Nyeleti stopped sleeping on their matrimonial bed, but prefers to sleep in the sitting room.
“He even started sleeping in the sitting room. He used to hide his money in his shoes and when I discovered, he started digging small holes to hide it,” she said.
Katuta also told the court that her husband is very promiscuous.
She explained to the court that efforts to involve elders in their marriage have proved futile as they have failed to reconcile them.
And Nyeleti denied the allegations saying that Katuta always complains that she needs a man who has a lot of money.
“She says since she married me, she has become old-fashioned that is the only problem. If she wants the marriage to end, I cannot stand in her way,” he said.
Mr Kakunta granted divorce and ordered Nyeleti to compensate Katuta K4,000 to be paid in installments of K200 every month.

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