Chipolopolo climb on FIFA rankings


ZAMBIA has moved upwards by two steps on the Coca- Cola FIFA world rankings. According to the September rankings released by FIFA yesterday, Zambia has moved to the 85th position from the previous 87 in the world. However, despite their improvement on the global rankings, the Chipolopolo have remained stagnant on 19th place in Africa. It is the first time Zambia has moved upwards on the FIFA rankings in the last one year having struggled to record wins, which resulted in the team failing to qualify for the Africa Cup. The upward movement follows Beston Chambeshi’s side recording a 2-1 victory over Mauritania in the World Cup qualifiers played early this month. Tunisia, who lead the Group B World Cup qualifiers and won both their matches against Equatorial Guinea and Zambia, have also recorded progress on CLICK TO READ MORE

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