Chinyemba only boxer remaining after Mulenga loss

HE floated round the ring. He impressed with the quick movement of his feet. He also landed some good ones. In fact, he inflicted some cut above the eye of his opponent in the first round. Yet, in the end, he was disappointed. Utterly disappointed.
Zambia’s featherweight boxer Everisto Mulenga, billed as the favourite to end the country’s Olympic drought, was left blaming the judges for his defeat to Colombian opponent Ceiber David Avila in the second round yesterday to leave flyweight Patrick Chinyemba as the only boxer remaining in the competition.
To be fair to the judges and even to Mulenga, the first round was close to call here at the Kokugikan Arena. You can agree or disagree with the 3-2 split decision in favour of the Colombian.
Mulenga opted to disagree.
“I believe I fought well, especially in the first round, I won, this is unfair,” the 22-year-old said. “It’s frustrating that judges are biased but CLICK TO READ MORE

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