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Chinyanta eager to groom female boxers

LOLITA Muzeya lads a punch on Zimbabwe's Monalisa Sibanda during the International Non-title Walter weight bout. PICTURE: CHANDA MWENYA

JAINECK Chinyanta has been eking out a living as coach of a Ndola City Council-sponsored amateur boxing club.
Chinyanta represented Zambia at the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Games in the USA, where Keith ‘Spinks’ Mwila won a bronze.
Other boxers were Patrick Mwamba (flyweight), Star Zulu (featherweight), Dismus Chisala (lightweight), Henry Kalunga (welterweight), Christopher Kapopo (light middleweight) and Moses Mwaba (middleweight).
The former featherweight pugilist trains boxers in Kabushi, one of the satellite clubs under the local authority’s Musa Kasonka Amateur Boxing Club.
Chinyanta lives in Mushili in a house he built.
While he has groomed some accomplished boxers, Chinyanta feels that his coaching career will not be complete without churning out female fighters to raise the country’s flag.
Chinyanta, who hails from a family of seven – four boys and three girls – was born on August 1, 1958 in Matebela, a mining settlement within Nchanga North in Chingola.
His father, Edwin Chinyanta, worked in the mines while his mother, Ruth Musunga, was a housewife.
Chinyanta was initially enrolled at Kapopo Primary School in Chingola before transferring to Matelo Primary School and later went to a boarding school in Zambezi district.
In 1971, Chinyanta felt he was a man enough and joined the Nchanga North Amateur Boxing Club when Obby Chisenga and Julius Lwipa were the coaches.
Some of his peers during his early days at the club included Ellias Kataya, Blackson Mulenga and Andrew Katete.
Chinyanta fought and knocked out William Sekeleti and Andrew Chanda, both of Green Buffaloes, at Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka.
When he upgraded to the bantamweight division, Chinyanta was selected to compete in the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games selection tournament at the Copperbelt Agricultural show.
Despite beating Alfred Banga, Chinyanta said he was left out of the Montreal Games because he was allegedly young.
Chinyanta, who did not have a national registration card, said he left for the village in Luapula to acquire the national identity card.
Chinyanta went to Ndola in 1979.
“Ba Lottie [Mwale, the former Africa and Commonwealth champion] came to recruit boxers with a view to enlisting in the army,” Chinyanta said.
But after waiting for one year and eight months, Chinyanta gave up and went to Ndola to live with his brother, Rainford Chibwe, who was a teacher.
And three months after walking out of Green Buffaloes Amateur Boxing Club, the Zambia Army enlisted the sportsmen.
Chinyanta, on the other hand, was employed by the Ndola City Council shortly after joining its amateur boxing club.
Four months after missing out on the Montreal outing, Chinyanta said despite defeating Wilfred Kabunda in an elimination qualifier tournament, he was again left out of the Moscow Olympics-bound team because the team had already been submitted to the Zambia Olympics and Commonwealth Games Association.
When the United States of America boycotted the Russian Olympics, they instead organised the Kenya Golden Cup, where Chinyanta fought and won a bronze medal.
But he deservedly made the cut to the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California.
After being on bye in the first round, Chinyanta stopped Emrol Phillip of Grenada in round two at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles.
But Chinyanta lost on decision points to Fahri Sümer of Turkey in the third round.
When Mpelembe Properties formed a boxing club, Chinyanta jumped ship but when it disbanded, he moved to Boat.
After Boat disbanded its boxing club, Chinyanta retreated to Ndola City Council and was welcomed back.
He was assigned to Kabushi, a satellite club of Musa Kasonka.
In 1987, Chinyanta turned professional under James Mulenga in Lusaka and his first fight in the paid ranks was in Zimbabwe against Leon Chiwaya, whom he knocked out in the fourth round of the non-title contest.
The north pole spent 10 years in the paid ranks, fighting 13 times, three international bouts and 10 local.
In 2007, Chinyanta realised his age and strength could no longer support in the ring and retired to start nurturing upcoming pugilists.
Since taking up coaching duties with the council, Chinyanta has groomed boxers such as Omari Odungu, Flexible Kasuma, Tendai Shumba and Masho Mulenga.
He helped in the formation of Indeni Boxing Club in 1999 and a year later, he was involved in coaching Chilanga Cement Boxing Club in Ndola from 2000 up to 2009.
Chinyanta bemoans that Lafarge, owners of the club in Ndola, never paid him benefits after toiling for nine years.
Chinyanta, who holds both a trainer and manager’s licence, looks forward to nurturing female boxers to world class standards but the current crop he has is not inspiring.
Chinyanya has been married to Agness Mumbi since 1985 and they have three children – Ruth, who is based in South Africa, Edwin and Enock.

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