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Chinsali transit home: Story of Antonella

SISTER Russo (left) carrying one of the babies while Energy Regulation Board director general Langiwe Lungu looks on at the transit home recently

ANTONELLA Transit Home is a well-known place in Chinsali. This is because the home has been of great help to families that have lost young mothers to death, leaving behind babies who are then nursed at the home until they are old enough to be reunited with their families.
The transit home accommodates babies and provides for their needs during the period, after which they are handed over to their families.
The transit home mostly needs baby milk, diapers and other necessities for mothers who are given the responsibility to care for the children until they are united with their loved ones.
But the story behind the transit home speaks to the power of lending a helping hand to vulnerable people.
According to a representative of the association of missionaries who run the institution, Pina Russo, the transit home was established in 1998 in memory of a volunteer identified as Antonella.
Antonella used to work with vulnerable people in the district and also provided milk to children.
Around this period, HIV and AIDS was rife and most children whose mothers had died were left in the care of their grandparents who in most cases had little or nothing to help them survive, especially that the guardians could not leave the CLICK TO READ MORE

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