Chinsali in infrastructure boom

SITUATED 828 kilometres from Lusaka, the capital city, is Chinsali which is synonymous with some brave men who fought with colonial masters for Zambia’s independence. These great sons of Zambia bravely took on the colonial masters with a view of seeing Zambians running their own affairs.
Freedom fighters were locked up on several times by colonial masters but they soldiered on and the battle was finally won on October 24, 1964 when Zambia attained independence. Founding President Kenneth Kaunda, former Vice-President Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, Kapasa Makasa and Paul Mushindo all hail from Chinsali. Dr Kaunda and United National Independence Party were at the helm of the country for 27 years. To appreciate their role in the freedom struggle, two universities in Chinsali are named after Mr Makasa and Mr Mushindo. Before the Patriotic Front (PF) assumed office in 2011, Chinsali was part of Northern Province and was nowhere near the provincial capital. With Michael Sata and PF assuming office after the September 20, 2011 general elections, Muchinga Province was born becoming the 10th region in the country. Chinsali was later declared the provincial capital. Muchinga Province has ten districts – Lavushimanda, Mpika, Shiwang’andu, Chama, Chilinda, Isoka, Kanchibiya, Mafinga, Nakonde and Chinsali.Since its elevation, Chinsali has seen massive infrastructure development and it is there for all to see. The construction of the provincial administration is on course with CLICK TO READ MORE

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