Letter to the Editor

Chingola residents abusing positive change?

Dear editor,
MUCH as we are pressing government for improved service delivery to better our lives, I sometimes wonder whether we are really ready for the change we cry for.
It is also important to note that change comes with a lot of implications – positive or negative – as observed through some outcries whenever the government implements new policies.
Notably, however, policies take time to yield intended positive results to be appreciated by many.
Much as Chingola is still grappling with the bad state of roads, those that have seen a bit of facelift have proved to be a curse for some motorists.
Luapula road from Motherland junction through Chikola to Chiwempala road has proved to be a death trap for the residents from the time it was tarred.
Some motorists have taken advantage of this tarred road to claim people’s lives as seen some days ago when an accident occurred because of over-speeding.
Chikola shopping complex has also seen a lot of nuisance after it was patched with laterite, where boys just come to skid around, leaving a lot of dust behind, much to the annoyance of business persons and customers.
All these are happening after positive change in the state of the roads. Here we are failing to comprehend this change.
I therefore appeal to Chingola Municipal Council to urgently think of putting speed humps and zebra crossing marks on Luapula road in Chikola before more lives are lost.
Why should we abuse the positive change? Are we confirming that we are more comfortable with bad roads in Chingola?

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