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Chingola Arts Society Banham Awards on course

FILE: The cast of Chingola Arts Society (CAS) in a play titled 'Breaking Pot' at the Lusaka Playhouse.

CHINGOLA Arts Society (CAS) says the arts industry is not performing to its expectations because of lack of support from stakeholders.
And CAS says the Banham 2015 Awards adjudication is in process after the close of the season this year which has attracted a number of entries.
CAS chairman Bwalya Chikwanda said in Chingola in an interview that the artistes are sacrificing their efforts and own money to build the art industry.
“People keep on working very hard, but the art industry is not doing fine as a result of lack of support from the corporate world and other stakeholders,” he said.
Chikwanda said the arts industry has been neglected as more attention has been given to the tourism sector.
He said the sector is surviving through the artistes’ individual efforts to keep the industry ‘alive’.
“Without the stakeholders’ passion for the art and initiatives the art industry could have collapsed,” he said.
Chikwanda said the National Arts and Theatre Association of Zambia (NATAAZ) annual festival was not held because of lack of support from the business houses and other stakeholders.
“[The] Ngoma Awards have been quiet too because finalists are picked from the NATAAZ annual festival awards,” he said.
Chikwanda is optimistic that with massive support to the arts sector, it can play a major role in attracting youths to manage various art groups.
Meanwhile, Chikwanda said the Banham Awards’ date will be set after the adjudicators finish the adjudication.
“The Banham 2015 annual awards response has not been good,” said Chikwanda who is a miner by profession.
He said 95 per cent sponsorship for the Banham Awards, named after the club’s first chairman Christopher Banham, is from the club.

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