Chililabombwe studies town economic overview

CHILILABOMBWE Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) is conducting a business survey to come up with an economic overview of the mining town.
“A lot of economic activities are taking place; the opening of a shopping mall is also a plus to the district.
“Currently we are conducting a survey to help us come up with an aggregate on the economic overview of the district,” CCCI president Nelson Musonda said in an interview recently.
Chililabombwe is strategically positioned on the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, hence the need for an economic overview, and this, Mr Musonda said, will stimulate growth for the town with the participation of the private sector.
“The participation of the private sector is important in enhancing economic growth in the district and the country as a whole,” Mr Musonda said.
He also expressed concern that there were few spin-off jobs being given to the local business community from Konkola and Lubambe copper mines.
Chililabombwe is solely dependent on mining as a major economic activity and Mr Musonda has invited investors to exploit the town’s undeveloped hospitality sector.
“We do not have open places like hotels. All we have are lodges and guest houses,” he said.
Mr Musonda said the establishment of a shopping mall in Chililabombwe has created a number of jobs for the locals.
Mr Musonda is happy that Shoprite and other investors have assured town authorities that the new business community will support local suppliers through the awarding of tenders for goods and services.
He cited the agriculture sector where “the poultry sector will be supplying their products to the shopping mall” to support the local industry.
Mr Musonda is optimistic that the participation of local traders in the supply chain in Chililabombwe will create more jobs.

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