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‘Children with disabilities have potential, too’

CHILDREN with disabilities have capabilities that need to be developed at household level by both parents, Disability Rights Watch (DRW) coordinator Bruce Chooma has observed.
Mr Chooma said it is important that parents help their children to develop certain abilities so that they are able to do certain things on their own and exercise some level of independence.
“We have noted that male parents usually leave the nurturing of children with disabilities to their wives yet it is a duty of both,” he said
Mr Chooma urged male parents to help with the support system of the children with disabilities as it is not an easy task for mothers to bear alone.
Mr Chooma said it was a challenge in some homes to get men to actively participate in caring for a disabled child because most of them find it difficult to accept that they have a physically-challenged child.
“In most cases, raising up a child is perceived to be a woman’s job but in a case of a disabled child, more needs to be done and as such men’s involvement is vital,” he said.
Most men avoid helping their wives in  raising the disabled child and in some circumstances they would rather divorce the mother after she delivers a physically-challenged baby instead of supporting her.
He said men must endeavour to spend time with their children by understanding their needs because such disadvantaged children require the full support and love of both parents.
“Be more involved in taking care of your children; support the mothers by taking the children for physiotherapy sessions or any other health services they might require,” he said.

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