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Chifumbe to pay 6 months levy for women traders

PATRIOTIC Front Kawambwa District Council chairperson Kalumba Chifumbe says he will pay about K21, 000 council levy for all the 350 women traders at Chimfwembe market in Luapula Province for the next six months.
Mr Chifumbe said he will not backtrack on his August 11 general election campaign promise to pay council market levy for all the vulnerable but hard working women trading at the market.
He said in an interview recently that the pledge to pay the levy for the women is in line with the PF’s quest to empower women and the youth.
“During campaigns, women in the markets complained that they had challenges of paying the daily K1 council levy because they do not make much profit considering that their business has become slow owing to rampant street vending.
“So, I promised to pay levy for them once I am elected and I am committing myself to honour my pledge. After consulting the local authority, I was informed that they collect between K3,500 to K4,500 levy per month from the marketeers,” Mr Chifumbe said.
He is hopeful the women marketeers at Chimfwembe will have enough money to save for other investments during the six months that he will pay for their levy.
And Mr Chifumbe said he intends to gradually remove all street vendors and relocate them into markets and other alternative trading places.
“We have a challenge of street vending which is discouraging those who are legally trading in the market.
“We shall in the next six months remove all the street vendors and take them to the markets for their own safety,” Mr Chimfumbe said.
In a bid to empower the youth, the 36-year-old official said he intends to engage the business community to consider offering car loans to the youth.
“I will continue to initiate e conomi c empowerment initiatives aimed at putting more money in people’s pockets in line with our party manifesto, which seeks to improve the lives of the poor,” he said.

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