Letter to the Editor

Chiefs should spearhead clean-up campaign

Dear editor,
WITH all due respect to our traditional leaders, I write to suggest that the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs should officially request them to fully get involved in the `Make Zambia Clean’ campaign which the government started quite vibrantly in 2007.
The campaign, which was a brain child of then President, Levy Mwanawasa, has lost its original steam resulting in heaps garbage all over the place in the country.
One just needs to visit Kamwala shopping area and surrounding places to prove this. Very few places can claim to be clean in Zambia.
Prior to our independence in 1964, it was very common to see our chiefs visiting villages in their chiefdoms to inspect cleanliness: houses were built in neat rows, kept always smeared and their surroundings were kept swept, cassava gardens were weeded, not to mention that even roads leading to villages were always kept passable.
So in view of the step taken by Zambian Breweries dubbed “MANJA PAMODZI”, which is similar to if not the same as the keep Zambia clean campaign, I hold the view that our chiefs should be fully involved so that this noble idea does not fail as did the Make Zambia Clean Campaign which initially gobbled K200,000 but has not delivered the desired results.

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