Chief Sinazongwe commends Lungu


CHIEF Sinazongwe of the Tonga people of Southern Province has commended President Lungu for appointing Sinazongwe member of Parliament Richwell Siamunene as Minister of Defence.
The traditional leader said President Lungu is the first head of state to appoint someone from his chiefdom to a senior government position since independence.
“I would like to commend President Lungu for the appointment and I also want to say that the people of Sinazongwe will continue supporting his leadership,” Chief Sinazongwe said.
He was speaking shortly after President Lungu swore in Mr Siamunene at State House yesterday.
Chief Sinazongwe said those making negative statements over Mr Siamunene’s appointment have misplaced priorities.
He said the appointment means that Mr Siamunene is advancing and opposing such a development is retrogressive.
Chief Sinazongwe said those criticising Mr Siamunene’s appointment should do an introspection of their contribution to national development.
He said he is ready to work with the government of the day and pledged to support President Lungu.
The traditional leader said that if someone is appointed, it sends a signal that there is something that the appointing authority has seen in him.
Chief Sinazongwe appealed to those criticising the appointment of Mr Siamunene to consider working with him for continued development.

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