Chief Mpezeni calls for State help


PARAMOUNT Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people in Eastern Province has called on Government to help resolve the dispute between Ngonis and Chewas.
The traditional leader said he is a peace-maker and wants to work with Government to resolve the dispute between his chiefdom and the Chewa.
Speaking when  he met Ngoni chiefs and their subjects in Laweni in Chipata yesterday, the paramount chief said the dispute in Chipangali settlement can only be resolved by Government, adding that the Ngonis were settled in that area in 1954 by the British government then.
The traditional leader said he does not want to engage in any form of tribal fights with the Chewa Paramount Chief Kalonga Gawa Undi.
He said if he was not a kind person, he would not have allowed Kalonga Gawa Udi’s palace in Chipata. He said he has allowed it because he wants the peace that has existed to continue.
And Paramount Chief Mpezeni is saddened that some politicians are taking advantage of the confusion to push for their selfish agendas but he has urged the Ngonis to remain calm.
He said he was not a politician and, therefore, would not want to be dragged into politics, especially that the country will be going to the polls next year.
He urged Government to find a neutral place where the Chewas and Ngonis can settle their disputes in a peaceful way without police interference.
He said the Public Order Act does not apply to chiefs when they visit their subjects in their chiefdoms.
The Ngoni chiefs who attended the meeting are Senior Chief Nzamane, chiefs Madzimawe, Mnunkwa, Sairi, Maguya, Mshawa, Kapatamoyo, Chinyaku and Msoro.

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