‘Chicken feed expensive

MARKETEERS who trade chickens at Mansa’s down UB market have bemoaned the high cost of doing their business due to the cost of chicken feeds.
Marketeers chairperson Denis Ng’andwe told the Daily Mail in an interview in Mansa yesterday that at the moment the price for chicken feeds are a bit expensive making the majority of traders failing to continue in the same business.
He said the feed is now pegging at K165 per 50 Kilogrammes, adding that 50 birds can consume at least 10 bags before they get ready to be sold.
“The problem we are facing is the cost of feed, for one to remain in this business has to have enough capital that can enable him/her to feed 50 chickens going by the current price of the feed.
Mr Ng’andwe added that even vaccines also include on the cost of doing chicken business, because they equally amount to the expenses that do not equate to the profit.
He appealed to the Government ensure that prices of doing that business are reduced to affordable standards to allow every one remain in business.
Mr Ng’andwe noted that is a lucrative business that can enable single parents to support their children to school and enable their families to have three meals a day.
He said most of the people who sale the birds in Mansa do not rear them by themselves, but just buy from those who arrear and they fail to remain in business because they being charged highly that cannot give them a profit after selling.
“Starting from the procuring of the chicks is to the fully adult of the birds are expenses. This also  include the vaccines, feeding and electricity that one use to develop the chick into a full bird that can be sold and the feeds are other expenses including electricity,’’ he said.

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