Letter to the Editor

Chiawa Bridge: A dream come true

Dear editor,
I WANT to comment on the construction and commissioning of a bridge in Chiawa in Lusaka Province by the government.
I was touched to see jubilant residents and their chief appreciating the development, which they had been longing for over a long time.
In fact Chieftainess Chiawa described the occasion and the bridge as a dream considering how much her people had suffered as a result of the lack of a bridge.
This is the kind of development we all expect to see because it is directly benefiting vulnerable communities in rural areas.
People will now travel to and out of the area 24 hours, unlike in the past when they relied on a pontoon, which closed at 18:00 hours.
I am urging the government to continue lifting the living standards of citizens by implementing such projects.
Already there numerous road projects in all the provinces.
I would like to congratulate the people of Chiawa on this rare acquisition.
They should work even harder now because they have easier access to the sources of inputs and market for their produce.

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