Chef serves dessert

CHEF 187.

Lusaka, Livingstone HIP HOP artiste Chef 187 last week released the Bon Appetit deluxe album.
Chef told the Weekend Mail that the album, with variations from his earlier release, is like dessert after the main course.
“So it’s basically the same meal with some variations. We laughed and referred to it as ‘bevla’ [extra]. Most
of the old songs off the Bon Appetit album have been re-mixed and some new songs added because that’s what
a deluxe album is really about, the songs that were swallowed up given the platform again,” he said.
The deluxe album has 13 songs with five of them entirely new.
Some of the old songs on the deluxe album are Love na Loyalty featuring Israel, Best Life, Low Budget and No Minyo Minyo among others while the new songs are Spylinv featuring Immortal C’zar, Wingonawila Ka Day featuring Bow Chase and DJ Hector Gold. CLICK

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