Letter to the Editor

Check underage drivers to reduce accidents

Dear editor,
I WISH to express my concern about underage driving on Zambia’s public roads.
The advent of automatic transmission motor vehicles, which are easier to drive, has attracted even those who are below the age at which the law allows a person to drive.
I am appealing to parents and guardians not to allow their children aged below 18 years to drive because it is a big risk to both the children and other road users.
Much as it is easy to drive automatic transmission vehicles, there are rules that govern driving which most of these underage drivers do not know.
It is better to prevent accidents than taking chances.
I wonder if most of these underage drivers I am seeing on the public roads have drivers’ licences.
This situation is forcing licensed drivers to apply defensive driving most of the time.
Please Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA), help to urgently address this dangerous situation on our roads.


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