Cheaper mobile internet talks reach advanced stage

DISCUSSIONS to have Zambians access cheaper and more efficient mobile internet costing as low as US$1 for 30 gigabytes per month with the help of Swedish tech company Radio Innovation Sweden AB have reached an advanced stage.

Charge d’ Affaires at the embassy of Zambia in Stockholm Anthony Mukwita said in an interview on Wednesday that the top ranked Swedish tech company has invited technical officers from the Ministry of Transport and Communication to visit Stockholm.

“I can confirm that Radio Innovation Sweden AB have since written the ministry through our mission in Sweden inviting Mr Yese Bwalya, the Director-Communications, to visit their site here through the Permanent Secretary’s office,” said Mr Mukwita.
Mr Bwalya will represent the Ministry in conducting an initial physical audit of what Radio Innovation Sweden AB is capable of doing in its quest to slash mobile internet prices and make communication for a larger majority of Zambians accessible.
The invitation follows a productive meeting Radio Innovation Sweden AB attended in Lusaka on July 19 in Lusaka organised by the embassy in Stockholm.
The affordable internet quest comes at a time the government has embarked on a project with China to build about 1,000 towers and as President Edgar Lungu advances a campaign for a SMARTZAMBIA by 2030.
Mr Mukwita said Zambia could be a top-five country to access the Swedish technology already under way in Nigeria and Botswana as the mission pushes on an unwavering economic diplomacy drive.
“If the government and the Swedish company wrap up the deal early enough, Zambia could be on an internet fast track within three years accruing to the Swedish company owned by millionaire businessman Dennis Bohm and partner Henrik Olesen.
“Business Sweden have reaffirmed the tech company as being a worthy contender for the venture,” he said.


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