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Cheap mealie-meal coming


THE Zambia Co-operative Federation (ZCF) has started supplying maize to Mushe Milling Company to enable the company produce and sell affordable mealie-meal at K60 per 25kg bag of breakfast meal.
ZCF has delivered about 300 metric tonnes of maize to Mushe Milling Company and it is anticipated that the company will be producing about 1,200 bags of mealie-meal per day.
ZCF director-general James Chirwa said the partnership is in response to the high demand and increase in prices for mealie-meal by some millers on the local market.
Speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Chirwa said: “Zambia has been ranked among the top producers of maize and this will only come to be understood when the prices of mealie-meal go down.”
Mr Chirwa said Mushe Milling has started producing and distributing mealie-meal to high density areas in Lusaka such as Chawama, Bauleni and Mandevu.
He advised the public to be on the look-out of a COOP (cooperative milling code) on the mealie-meal bag for them to benefit from the reduced prices of the staple food.
“The commodity is properly branded and consumers can identify it by its label COOP Milling.We are [optimistic that] the partnership will benefit both ZCF and Mushe Milling Company,” Mr Chirwa said.
Mushe Milling Company managing director Chris Mutale urged other private companies to partner with Government in supporting programmes aimed at reducing the cost of living for the local people.
Mr Mutale advised people to take advantage of the initiative by ZCF as it is aimed at reducing the price of mealie-meal on the local market.

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