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Chazanga man fined K15,000 for adultery

THE Matero Local Court slapped a man of Lusaka with a fine of K15,000 for committing adultery.
This was heard before justices Lewis Mumba and Petronella Kalyelye in a case where Jonathan Mukuka, 31, of Mandevu sued Mataa Mubita, 24, of Chazanga for adultery.
A distraught Mukuka testified how his wife, Nelly Njobvu, confessed to him that when he was away on duty, she committed adultery with a security officer she met at a place she had gone to seek employment.
Mukuka said earlier while he was out on duty, a friend rang him to tell him he had seen Njobvu at a lodge with a man.
“When I went back home, I was aloof but did not tell my wife why. Later she woke me up in the early hours to confess she had sex with a man called Mubita. She had his phone number,” he said.
The following day, Mukuka said he asked Njobvu to phone Mubita, who was overheard asking Njobvu whether Mukuka was back home from his duties.
Mukuka and Njobvu confronted Mubita at his workplace.
According to Mukuka, Mubita prostrated and asked for forgiveness, adding that Mukuka threatened to sue him.
In his statement, Mubita said he met Njobvu at his place of work, where she was seeking employment.
Mubita alleged Njobvu told him she was seeking employment because Mukuka was not providing for her.
“I told her she didn’t have to tell me all that as I am not her husband. I told her to bring an application letter,” he said.
Thereafter he said he was surprised to get a call from Njobvu saying, ‘My husband knows about us and I am at the gate with him to see you’.
And on November 20 this year, he received a summons from Mukuka suing him for adultery.

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