Chawama benefits from SCT

WHEN Masiliso Silisheko was only four, she accidently had her left hand and right leg burnt with hot water, a fate that subjected her to a hospital bed for three years.
She is 39 years old now, but that calamity left her with scar tissue pain which prevents her from doing any work, making her economically and socially vulnerable.
But her plight has been lessened, thanks to the social cash transfer given by Government.
Masiliso is among 10,000 beneficiaries of Social Cash Transfer Scheme (SCTS) in Lusaka.
SCTS is estimated at K4.6 million in Lusaka, and the amount given to beneficiaries has this year been increased to K300, from K180 for the severely disabled, while other categories will now be getting K150 from K90.
Masiliso started receiving SCTS in 2017 when she registered with the Ministry of Community Development and Social Welfare, through SCTS officers in her community.
“I survive through piece works, mainly doing laundry for people, but my hand is always in pain. Sometimes when it is cold I completely fail to do anything that requires me to use strength,” says Maseliso, who lives in Chawama.
She says her life has changed since she was enrolled on the SCTS programme.
“I have at least reduced on doing menial jobs, so I have less pressure on my hand. With the scheme of K180, I am able to buy a 10kg bag of mealie-meal and some soap. I am only asking if the ministry can move me to the severely disabled so that I can be CLICK TO READ MORE

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