Chavuma mobile phone connection starts

GOVERNMENT has allocated three communication network towers to be constructed in the Zambezi West Bank in Chavuma district of North-Western Province to

enhance access to mobile phone network in the area.
Chavuma district commissioner Benjamin Mufunga said in an interview yesterday that the project will be implemented through the Zambia Information and Communication Technology (ZICTA).
Mr Mufunga said the sites for the towers have already been identified, and the contractor is expected in the district soon to start implementing the project.
He said people who live on the west bank have for a long time appealed for effective mobile phone communication hence Government’s decision to facilitate the service.
“According to the records that I have in the office, we have the recommendations and we are going to get at least three network towers which are supposed to be mounted in Zambezi West Bank,” he said.
Mr Mufunga also said government has already bought and delivered materials to the site at Chingi border for the construction of a tower.
“We have all the materials for the communication tower at Chingi border post but we are still waiting for the contractor to come on site,” he said.
Mr Mufunga said the tower will cover a radius of about 150 kilometres.
Government has included Chavuma district among beneficiaries of the programme.

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