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Charlotte commends USAID projects

ACTING President Guy Scott’s wife, Charlotte, says the three US Agency for International Development (USAID) funded projects, which have come to an end, have contributed positively to healthcare services in Zambia.
Speaking when USAID handed over Communication Support for Health (CSH), Zambia Integrated Systems Strengthening Programme (ZISSP) and Zambia- Led Prevention Initiative (ZPI) on Thursday, Dr Scott said the projects will have a lasting impact in Zambia.
“The pivotal work done by ZISSP, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health to address chronic shortage of healthcare services, have improved health services.
“ZISSP trained over 10,000 health workers in health systems, maternal and new-born health, and child health, nutrition and family planning,” she said.
Dr Scott said activities undertaken by CSH, ZISSP and ZPI have contributed positively to the development of the health sector in Zambia.
She said the behaviour change campaigns carried out by CSH through the use of social media, radio and television and integrated with community and individual communication, have helped to raise awareness on health issues.
Dr Scott noted that ZPI led a community programme where 600,000 people across Zambia took part in the prevention services.
Speaking earlier, USAID Zambia Mission director Susan Brems said over the past decade, the US government has spent over US$2 billion to support Zambia’s health sector, especially the fight against HIV/AIDS.
Dr Brems said through the strengthening health systems, the mortality of infants, children and mothers has fallen by over 30 percent.
She said the number of people dying from HIV/AIDS has reduced, the rate of new infections cut by half and that the prevalence in adults has fallen from 21 percent to 13 percent.

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