Chanyanya residents living in fear of crocodiles


CHANYANYA Lagoon is a tributary of the Kafue River and has been a source of livelihood for many people who depend on fishing for their economic survival.
It accounts for about 50 percent of the fish Kafue district supplies to Lusaka Province.
However, the main economic activity for the local people is being hampered by the presence of crocodiles, which claimed two lives last year with many others surviving death by a whisker.
The residents of Chanyanya area, whose lives depend on the fishing business, are on the verge of relocating to safeguard their lives and venture into other economically viable businesses for their survival.
The lagoon prides itself of the highly-sought bubblefish, commonly known as milamba, red breams and green-headed fish among others, which makes the area a hunting ground for many fish traders.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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