Letter to the Editor

Chambishi deserves to be a district

Dear editor,
THE news that Chambishi Mine township will soon be weaned from Kalulushi district and be made to stand on its own has been long overdue and has come as a great relief to all the residents and the surrounding areas. Thanks to ‘Mr Walk the talk’, His Excellency President Edgar Lungu, for the bold decision. We all can’t wait for that day.
Kalulushi district shares its borders with Lufwanyama, Kitwe, Mufulira and Chingola. The boundary of Kalulushi and Mufulira is the Kafue River along the Mufulira-Sabina road, while the boundary on the Chingola side is the dip at Minsenga along the Kitwe-Chingola road. Sadly, the residents of Chambishi have to go through Kitwe to get to Kalulushi to receive government services.
As if this was not inconveniencing enough, Kalulushi is the only constituency which is made up of two political districts: Kalulushi and Chambishi. This is because in 1991, the MMD government created two political district committees and two constituency committees within one Kalulushi constituency. These two districts have been operating independent of each other except for sharing one municipal council and one member of Parliament.
Further, except for Chililabombwe where a district is formed by one constituency, all mining towns on the Copperbelt are made up of at least two constituencies. Kitwe, for example, is made up of five constituencies, namely Nkana, Chimwemwe, Kwacha, Kamfinsa and Wusakile. The advantage this has is that Kitwe district receives five times the CDF received by Kalulushi. But Kalulushi, being one constituency with three potential districts if we include Chibuluma township, has to make do with only one constituency fund.
Administratively, Chambishi is shared by three districts, that is, Kalulushi, Kitwe and Chingola. Kitwe is responsible for Zambia police and water, Kalulushi takes care of local government and education and Chingola is responsible for Zesco and Zamtel.
This implies that area councillors have to deal with three districts each time they have to address various concerns affecting the lives of residents.
Further, all mining activities in Kalulushi are based in Chambishi. This implies that property rates for these facilities are collected by Kalulushi Municipal Council. But once there, obviously the money will have much more important use than developing Chambishi.
And because of our geographical position, district boards such as health, education and Nkana Water, are not so keen about appointing representatives from Chambishi to serve on the statutory committees.
This is so demeaning to the residents of Chambishi considering money which is used to run Kalulushi comes from Chambishi.
It is in this regard that I am urging all voters both in Chambishi and Kalulushi to vote for President Lungu, and all PF candidates. Our current situation does not require anyone to come and oppose or delay the decision to turn Chambishi into a district.
Chambishi Mine Township

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