Letter to the Editor

Chalimbana University should put its house in order

Dear editor,
I ENROLLED at a mentioned institution in December of 2013 for a diploma programme and was doing just fine.
I wrote my examination in August 2015 and the results were released in March 2016 I had failed Literacy and Language Education which was my best performing course and I wondered how.
However, I re-wrote my paper in September, 2016 and cleared.
I graduated in August 2017 but up to now have not been given my diploma. There was a promise that all will be fine in two weeks’ time but up to now and all I get are stories. Chalimbana, being one of the oldest schools in the country should not operate like that, it definitely leaves much more to be desired.
The reason people go to school and burn their brain cells is to get what they work for. I cannot get a salary upgrade, I can’t be promoted, I can’t go for a degree because of the delayed paper.
Chalimbana needs to continue running under the University of Zambia or be under serious supervision. It’s discouraging and disheartening to go for graduation and only to come back without the paper.
I know of two friends who had wrong courses posted on their papers, one graduated with a specialisation in home economics only to be given industrial arts and the other specialised in industrial arts only to be given a wrong speciality.
I need my paper and the institution needs to be honest and truthful in all fairness other than the cheap lies they keep saying. Serious work needs to be done at Chalimbana.

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