Central Province PF calls for unity in the region

CENTRAL Province Patriotic Front (PF) chairperson Chanda Mutale has called for unity of purpose among members of the ruling party in the region.

Mr Mutale said in an interview yesterday that the party leadership and ordinary members need to be united and speak with one language on national and party affairs.
Mr Mutale said as a way of focusing forward, a meeting was held in Kabwe last week, and among those who attended were members of the central committee, members of Parliament, councillors and party leaders from the constituency to the provincial level.
“It was a successful meeting where we also talked about unity of purpose being the thrust of oneness.”
Mr Mutale said “Party members realised the need to work together to take the party to greater heights.”
He said members resolved to foster unity, improve communication and also emphasised the need to work together in by-elections.
Mr Mutale attributed the loss of Ipongo ward in Chibombo district to the United Party for National Development during the recently held by-election to lack of coordination.
“There is need for better communication,” he said. “What we have realised is that messages are not reaching the grassroots.”
He said PF is the ruling party and the party leadership in Central Province should not relax but continue with campaigns and recruiting new members.
“This is not time to relax,” Mr Mutale said. “This is time to work because we have a huge task in the southern part of the province.”
Mr Mutale said despite some challenges being experienced, PF in Central Province is heading in the right direction because the party has made some strides since the 2016 general elections.


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