Census 2020: Latest update


FIVE months from now, Zambia will be holding a national census of population and housing, an exercise that will gobble K758.2 million.
Minister of National Development Planning Alexander Chiteme has issued a ministerial statement in Parliament on the August census, explaining pre-census activities currently going on and the staff recruitment criteria.
Come August, census enumerators will be knocking on people’s doors to collect vital statistics that Government and its cooperating partners need regarding Zambia.
Why is this national exercise themed “Everyone counts” so important that Government has to spend K758.2 million on it?
A national census of population and housing is an official enumeration of people and structures by Government to establish the number of people living in a country and housing units available.
It also involves the gathering of demographic, social, and economic information and housing conditions of the people.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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