Letter to the Editor

Celebrate New Year’s Day responsibly

Dear editor,
IT IS that time of the year again when many people tend to be intoxicated with excitement because of the festive season.
I urge Zambians to celebrate this festive season responsibly to avoid finding themselves in unfortunate situations.
It is a known fact that every year lives are lost during this period because of over-excitement by people.
Many accidents occur during this period because people drink-drive.
There is absolutely no reason for risking one’s life.
People should be responsible and guard their lives jealously as they celebrate the festive season. Life is irreplaceable. It should therefore be protected and preserved at all cost.
During this period it is better for people to go church and thank God for another added year and later on spend time with family. People should avoid unnecessary movements and spend time in their homes with families.
Lessons must be drawn from the statistics of deaths recorded every year.
These deaths can be avoided.
Parents too have a responsibility to watch over their children.
They should bear in mind that giving their children too much freedom is not an expression of love.
It is because of too much freedom that young people find themselves in regrettable situations.

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