CDF projects disappoint Bwana Mkubwa MP

BWANA MKUBWA member of Parliament (MP) Emmanuel Chenda is disappointed with the poor workmanship on some Constituency Development Fund (CDF) projects in his constituency.
Speaking during a tour of CDF projects in Ndola on Saturday, Mr Chenda, who is also Minister of Local Government and Housing, said he is disappointed with the slow pace and poor workmanship in the implementation of CDF projects.
“Without close supervision, contractors will get away with a number of things. It shows that capacity is there but it is a management issue,” Mr Chenda said.
He said he is disappointed with the slow pace at which the contractor engaged to rehabilitate the ablution block at Tug Argan Secondary School is working.
Mr Chenda is concerned that the project has not been completed and yet Government has paid the contractor.
The project was supposed to be completed within three months.
Mr Chenda also visited Kafubu farm block and a health centre in Chichele, Kaloko Police Post, newly constructed Ndeke Police Post and Katondwe Health Centre.
The minister commended local contractors, like Nondo’s Investments Limited, for the good workmanship on Katondwe Health Post, which was built at a cost of K456,000.
“I am impressed with this contractor, 95 percent of the works are done. Clearly, the workmanship here is satisfactory,” Mr Chenda said.
He said he will soon request Minister of Health Joseph Kasonde to deploy health workers to Katondwe Health Centre.
Mr Chenda also called on Ndola City Council to thoroughly scrutinise contractors before engaging them to avoid delays in completing development projects.
“We need separation of duty by the council and close supervision to ensure proper accountability,” Mr Chenda said.
And Ndola City Council senior quantity surveyor Dominic Kabwe said Katondwe Health Centre was built at a cost of K456,000 while K246,000 was spent on the construction of a police post in Ndeke township.
Mr Chenda said he is happy that police officers at Ndeke Police Post are now using a modern building and not a container as was the case in the past.
He pledged to ensure that development projects, not only in Bwana Mkubwa but also the rest of the country, are completed as promised during campaigns before the 2011 tripartite elections.

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