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All we want is peace

WE ECHO President Hakainde Hichilema’s call to end the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The President made the call when he met Russia’s new envoy to...

Editor's Comment

Never again!

IT IS our firm belief that no-one should ever be discriminated based on tribe, religion, race, ethnicity or indeed political association. This is our precious...

Editor's Comment

Press freedom is here

IT IS undeniable that the media landscape in our country has changed over the past eight months; that journalists are freer to operate than they were before...

Editor's Comment

PPDF next big thing

“IT IS not Government’s business to do business,” once said President Frederick Chiluba. That statement was made about two decades ago, at the height of...

Editor's Comment

Too many road accidents

THAT over 7,000 road accidents were recorded in the first quarter of this year is shocking. It is even more shocking that the over 7,000 accidents recorded...

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