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Editor's Comment

Quality assurance critical

THE seepage of Paracetamol with wrong specifications into the country and subsequent administration to citizens is an anomaly which can have grave consequences...

Editor's Comment

Empower local suppliers

ZAMBIA has been built largely from revenue from the mines.  It still does depend on this source for its development, but it is evident that its citizens...

Editor's Comment

Fast tests essential

One of the key factors in resolving an ailment is quick diagnosis.  Treatment can never be on assumptions.  It is, therefore, heart-warming that Zambia is...

Editor's Comment

The Church is key

The church has a two-prong mission, according to the Bible: to evangelise and to attend to the material needs of people.
Different churches use different...

Editor's Comment

Use opportunity wisely

The news of the re-opening of schools as well as bars and night clubs has been well received with the biggest cheers coming from those that have missed the...

Editor's Comment

FISP needs momentum

The Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) has been the mainstay of Zambia’s food basket.  This has to continue to ensure food security in the country.

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