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Editor's Comment

Church must sit up

CHURCHES must think outside the box for them to meet their financial budgets. This is President Edgar Lungu’s advice in him urging the Church to take up...

Editor's Comment

Our little GBV champion

THE fight against gender-based violence has a new champion, and she is too young to even be named or conferred with an award. Too young to have her face...

Editor's Comment

Stop the robbers

IT IS that time of the year again when citizens get into a festive mood while criminals try to make the most of people’s heightened expenditure and generally...

Editor's Comment

Buildings must be safe

AMONG many matters that Zambia prides itself for is the construction boom. There is concern, however, that the quality of some of the structures is not as good...

Editor's Comment

Clean up society of guns

A MAN in Ibex Meanwood in Lusaka has shot himself dead after allegedly shooting his wife on suspicions of an extramarital affair.
This makes very sad reading...

Editor's Comment

Foote oversteps boundary

ZAMBIA, like any other country, is a sovereign state which is capable of handling its own matters in conformity with its Constitution and other laws that guide...

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