‘I care about her’ campaign launched

PHASE Three of the ‘I care about her’ campaign, a change initiative that has mobilised over 7,000 men committed to taking action in stopping violence against women and girls, has been launched.
The campaign was launched in Chawama township in Lusaka yesterday by director for planning in the Ministry of Gender and Child Development Victor Mbumwae.
Mr Mbumwae reiterated Government’s commitment to sensitising and educating communities on issues related to gender-based violence (GBV) in order to curb the vice.
“As Ministry of Gender, we are happy that this event has taken place because it is our duty as a ministry to sensitise communities and enlighten the nation about the need for gender equality,” he said.
Mr Mbumwae said Government remains committed to curbing GBV through various programmes being put in place.
“Currently, parliamentarians want to bring into law the gender equity and equality bill to deter perpetrators of GBV. Government is working on programmes targeting the boy-child called Boys to Men, aimed at ensuring that they can grow into responsible adults,” he said.
Mr Mbumwae said Government is also working on programmes targeting women and girls called ‘Women at Work’.
“Men should stand up and say no to violence against women and girls. Men should also speak out for women because we are all equal and should care for each other,” he said.
Deputy country director for Oxfam Teddy Kabunda said GBV is deep-rooted in some traditional practices, beliefs and attitudes that perpetrate male dominance.
“This campaign is aimed at creating a society by influencing the adoption of new values, which conform to non-violence masculinity. This campaign aims to increase activism among men and women against violence,” Mr Kabunda said.
And Non-Governmental Organisations Co-ordinating Council programme director Carlyn Hambuba said the ‘I care about her’ campaign is aimed at creating a society free from violence against women and girls.
Meanwhile, the Oxfam ‘I care about her’ ambassador, B-Flow, pledged to continue using his music to raise awareness against GBV in Zambia.

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